BakerSCI Academy

Sporting the tagline “Advancing Thought - Embracing Logic”, BakerSCI Academy was formed by the Company’s founder to be a purposeful community outreach program that celebrates math, science and team-focused curricula within all forms of scholastic achievement.

Simply, our goal is to help anyone who wants to learn and grow within the STEM disciplines.  BUT, we don’t stop there and this is why we’re different:  We are STEAM-powered.

What does that mean, STEAM-powered?!?  Let’s call it the social grease that is needed to make smart things sticky.

For example, in technical disciplines students are taught to think critically and logically in their endless pursuits to find a scientific How to answer their enigmatic Why.  However, we live in a world that, while certainly technically-minded, is not well-versed in technical speak (techspeak).  [This is the reason why pictures accompany technical instructions, because while we all may appreciate the engineering and science behind cool products, many of us don’t understand the way they talk.  So, while techspeak is engaging to technical people, it is easily lost on the masses who try to operate their inventions and creations.  Fact, very few students possess the proper balance of technical skill AND “everyday” speak that allows them to flow in and out of STEM conversations with ease.  Those who DO possess these skills are very hard to find.  Basically, we need more of them.  So, BakerSCI Academy doesn’t just stop at Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, we added the A, which stands for Arts & Entertainment.  BakerSCI Academy supports students who are also gifted in the arts and entertainment areas (sports, music, performance, etc.) because those activities require students to hone their technical brains with varied platforms and communication methods.  They are the definition of the academically well-rounded.

Supporting primary, secondary, and collegiate-level analytical-type programs, Dr. Naddy hopes BakerSCI’s passion and penchant for revealing intelligence through relevance will help to encourage the world’s next generation of problem solvers to embrace new and exciting career paths where cultivated thinking, logic, and team chemistry will be paramount to their success. 

Through selective micro investments into technology budgets and other analysis-related school activities, as well as, active and purposeful mentorship of our communities’ critical thinkers of tomorrow, BakerSCI Academy programs/services will be promoted organically as we plan to work with the guidance counselors of local/regional school systems and student advisory offices of colleges and universities to both promote Academy services as well as seek out students who have made it known to their trusted advisors that they wish to pursue an education and /or career in the STEM fields.  Materials will also be available for public discovery and consumption via the Academy website, just in case there are eligible students who may not attend an institution with whom BakerSCI Academy has a current relationship.  Again, as of January 11, 2018, BakerSCI Academy received its 501c3 status from the IRS, so we can now operate as an educational Not for Profit with all the benefits of tax exemption for both the organization and its supporters.  BakerSCI Academy has also been approved by the IRS to facilitate scholarships for students who participate in STE(A)M activities such as: participating in a data-centric athletic combine, engaging in a scientific endeavor with the National Space Foundation, or as simple as providing instruction to other pupils in a tutoring session.

These kids are our Deerstalkers.  They are our future and we here at BakerSCI stand ready to equip them in their journeys to be the best versions of themselves so their individual curiosities of and discoveries in this world make a collective impact that shapes their future generations.

As Sherlock would say, “This is elementary.”

Should you wish to learn more about BakerSCI Academy, please contact: