Clearer Insight into Exploration, Production and Operations

Baker Street Scientific helps energy exploration and production companies raise the level and quality of innovation, shorten the time it takes to perform location analysis and improve the accuracy of assessments.

With ever-present volatility, energy companies are in constant need for innovation that positively impacts the energy industries upon which other industries, economies, companies and their consumers rely. Baker Street Scientific solutions are uniquely designed to work with large varied data sets. The technology enables you to read and connect known and previously unknown associations within and across historical and real-time resource data gathered, whether during exploration, capture, production, use or all of the above.


During the analysis phase, complete and accurate data acquisition and processing can reduce the time and duration of planning. These efficiencies enable more expedient search, identification, validation, and capture of energy resources. The improved data clarity enables energy companies to better mitigate issues that could damage equipment or slow progress.


During capture, near real-time analytics enables teams to monitor production performance and adapt as necessary, without significant delays. Our user-friendly interface allows for broader input and collaboration across the organization, from those working directly in the field, to engineers and SMEs behind the scenes, to executive leadership at headquarters.

Greater intelligence from enhanced analytics informs industry operations, economics, trends and the other strategic planning factors necessary for successful innovation and progress.


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