Concentrated Financial Data and Associative Outcomes

Baker Street Scientific uncovers and presents associations within historical and current research, environmental and transactional data. The work we do informs financial strategies and clarifies scenarios that have broader impacts upon local and global communities.

Timing is critical for financial institutions, insurance companies and other entities reliant on financial data. Within a compliance-heavy industry, these organizations work with incredible agility to produce relevant, historical analyses and predictive intelligence that addresses pressing issues. Baker Street Scientific helps financial organizations interpret and employ rapidly changing financially relevant data to generate new perspectives and answers to issues with local and global implications.


BakerSCI technologies can be deployed as an autonomous system or integrated into existing solutions to generate novel and compelling intelligence. Whether processing on homogeneous or disparate data sets, the solution produces powerful historical, current, and predictive analytics that support decisive action.


Revealing intelligence from known and previously unknown associations within information is the most reliable way to produce the level of clarity necessary for immediate and anticipatory strategies. BakerSCI relevance-oriented solutions reveal the obvious, background and situational dynamics that affect trends, clusters, and anomalies foundational to better decision-making.

Baker Street Scientific is your best source for a bigger picture and a new level of clarity about the way that financial data and markets impact industry, environment, culture, politics, and economies.


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