Actionable Insight for Government

Baker Street Scientific solutions can process massive volumes of big data within existing enterprise systems and workflows to uncover essential information and intelligence used to elevate situational awareness, expand capabilities and coordinate strategy.

Providing for issues of national importance and security requires governments to stay ahead of the curve. Rapid and bleeding-edge innovation, combined with heightened acuity must integrate with traditional analysis processes and systems to more effectively address domestic and international issues. For local, state, and national leaders, Baker Street Scientific solutions produce vital intelligence for both common and critical decisions.


BakerSCI technology is built to raise situational awareness that leads to better, more informed human and materiel logistics strategies. Our cross-operational approach integrates relevant data sets from various factors, including locations, environments, and times to generate insight into the causes of success and failure within departments and groups.


The BakerSCI system provides analysts and decision makers a unique ability to hone in on previously indiscernible relevant details, and to identify activity and event signatures and anomalies. These capabilities present users with anticipatory intelligence about health, financial, social, environmental, and economic trends and threats. This insight equips agencies with more time to prevent surprise, and adapt accordingly for future incidents.


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