Advanced and Understandable Analytics for Vital Healthcare Decisions

Baker Street Scientific reveals known and previously unknown associations within vital medical and wellness data. The intelligence helps providers, administrators and patients to access analytical breakthroughs in diagnoses, treatments, and research that support everyday health and critical care.

Health care providers, administrators, and patients share a common goal to maintain the greatest possible levels of health and wellness for every individual. Baker Street Scientific aids in the individual and collective efforts to improve the standard of care by helping to make sense of the ever-increasing amounts of sensitive data important to uniquely personal health stories.


As the practice of medicine evolves into a proactive provider/patient partnership for individual health management, it is critical for leading-edge medical information to be more readily accessible and understandable. BakerSCI solutions produce more relevant and clear diagnosis and treatment information. With it, doctors and patients are well equipped to decipher difficult or confusing procedures, plans, and medication side effects and interactions.


BakerSCI technology improves diagnostic, treatment and research capabilities through innovations in the processing and analyzing of multiple and varied medical data sets and imagery. Medical providers can engage and innovate within a wider body of disparate data for better-informed critical treatment and process decisions.


Regulations, coding and operational compliance requirements continue to increase in complexity. Baker Street Scientific provides healthcare administrators with the tools and information to manage operations and maintain compliance within and throughout healthcare facilities.