Technology & Communications

Technology & Communications

Augmented Big Data Relevance for Generations to Come

Baker Street Scientific reveals and relates known and previously unknown intelligence within big data to help technology providers employ unprecedented analytics, mitigate risk, and increase the performance of their technology innovations.

Technology continues to be the most active segment of the global economy. Winning new business, retaining clients and establishing substantive product differentiation are survival mechanisms. Baker Street Scientific augments competitive success by providing unique solutions that enhance new and existing technologies.


Baker Street Scientific helps technology companies build stronger, safer consumer engagement. By providing a structure that associates big data elements in near real-time, we help companies lay the groundwork to increase confidence in aggressive innovation that addresses known consumer needs and desires.


Internally, BakerSCI solutions help to improve technology performance, manage network efficiency and routing, mitigate potential hacking, and build robust actionable analytics. The solution can be integrated within other technologies, platforms, and services as well, assisting monitoring and guiding activities, improving performance, and securing the environment.


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