Web & Social Media

Web & Social Media

Make Web Engagement Data Work Smarter

Baker Street Scientific creates innovative and interactive solutions through which companies can gather, analyze and translate web and social media data across online channels to guide intelligent business strategies and next-gen innovation.

Web and social media analytics are invaluable to business intelligence. Across every industry and economic sector, big data is recognized as an unprecedented source of actionable intelligence. Baker Street Scientific enables organizations to harvest useful intelligence and better understand what is in their data.


BakerSCI technologies integrate with solutions within marketing, media, analytics and enterprise organizations. Clients leverage our unique relevance-driven intelligence capabilities across pertinent aspects of their businesses. By revealing associations between social media, user and system data, and business performance, we are able to help organizations test and understand what impact their products, services, and communications have on the bottom line.


Analytics for social media and web usage still provide relatively modest results. Organizations equipped to collect and analyze the increasing volumes of information are burdened with increasing market expectations. And analytical tools have reached the point of diminishing returns. Baker Street Scientific produces novel intelligence through relevance technologies that are proven to ignite innovation, inform spending strategies, and enhance brand development.